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Licensed FFL Dealer

Greetings, Everyone

Welcome to the official website of DBG Firearms!

My name is Dean Gabey. I am a Licensed Class 1 FFL Dealer and the proud owner of DBG Firearms, a small home based firearms/knives store based in Cedar Lake, Indiana. My goal is to educate people on proper firearm maintenance and operation plus provide quality firearm inventory, cleaning supplies, transferring,trading and retail shop/online services plus mild armorers service.  I believe that owning a knife or firearm is a huge responsibility, so I am here to help you take care of one of your most prized possessions. Parts and accessories can also be ordered with reasonable turnaround time along with firearm cleaning service.

Welcome to my page!  (Last Inventory Update 08/17/2022)!!  

Summer SALE!!! on ALL Handguns in store ....! 

Ask about Constitutional Carry & Advisement class we offer! 

With each $500 purchase is a FREE DBG Tee Shirt!

 FFL Transfer Fee now $35 (per firearm) 

Hours of operation(update)- Tues.-Fri. = 10am-6pm / Saturdays 10am- 5pm 

No Appointments Necessary but calling ahead in advance is required! 

 * NEW Firearm Inventory Pictures/Prices Tab! (Just Sale Items)

*Use the List tab to see ALL the inventory in stock!

DBG Firearms is a HOME-BASED FFL Licensed retail store and services. 

A Clean Firearm Is a Reliable Firearm

Mission Statement

Is to simply provide high quality customer service to firearm owners in the “traditional sense”!  Firearm responsibility ,training, operation and maintenance alon​g with additional services provided is imperative especially in today’s climate!  It is my mission to make a dent in these areas along with your sporting needs and home security! 

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